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Tuesday, 19th February

Welcome to The Hi-Fi Journal!

If you, like us, are tired of opening hi-fi magazines and finding that they’re crammed full of reviews of plasma TVs, AV receivers and surround sound speakers, then help is at hand: The Hi-Fi Journal does exactly what the title says — it’s an online magazine that is dedicated solely to pure, high-end hi-fi equipment and the pursuit of musical happiness.

We felt that it was about time that there was a magazine devoted solely to keeping you informed about serious hi-fi with equipment news and reviews, information about the companies that make it, the people behind them, the dealers from whom you can purchase it, and the occasional dash of hi-fi related humour.

To ensure that the journal remains a free resource, we ask that if you’re in the market for hi-fi, please be sure to visit and patronise our advertisers – they’re the people who are paying for the journal after all.

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Wadia’s 151 PowerDAC mini
Wadia’s 151 PowerDAC mini
Now available in the UK and priced at around £1,000, Wadia’s 151 PowerDAC mini is ideal for users of iPod and iPhones for whom sound quality is as important as convenience. The sleek casework houses a Digimaster 24-bit/384kHz upsampling DAC with voltage gain, with a current buffer providing 25watts into eight-ohm loudspeakers, and 50watts into four. Co-axial S/PDIF inputs, along with TOSLink and USB, allow connection to Wadia’s own 171 dock, amongst others.
New Marvos digital cable from Atlas
New Marvos digital cable from Atlas
The latest in the Marvos range, the digital cable employs the same Microporous PTFE insulation. Atlas say that this behaves almost like the perfect insulator, free air, and so have the minimal effect upon the signal being transmitted along the cable.
Naim’s Zero Jitter S/PDIF DAC
Naim Audio is about to unleash its first DAC – Digital to Analogue Converter – upon the world. Called, unsurprisingly, the Naim DAC, this eight-input device is clearly destined to be more than just a simple converter. We can see it forming a true digital hub allowing users to connect not only their CD players and hard-disk sources to their hi-fi but also their computers, network streamers, iPods, TVs, STBs (Set Top Boxes), and more – anything with a digital output, in fact.